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If you live, study or work abroad, international health insurance is your guarantee for a trouble-free stay.

Whether you are an expat, a corporate human resource, an international citizen, a volunteer or a digital nomad, our experience allows us to offer you the best international health cover on the market.

As an insurance broker, we have access to a wide variety of international health insurance plans. Together with you, we will build the most suitable health insurance plan to meet your specific needs.You need to know that not all international health insurance plans are the same, but together we will anticipate possible unforeseen events related to your health and your stay in a country other than your own, guiding you in the choice of the most suitable cover for your health and the country of your stay.

Our assistance will also accompany you after you have taken out the policy for the entire duration of your international health policy.

International Health Insurance Plans

Our plans for your health


Mandatory health insurance for Dubai

Dubai Health Insurance Law No. 11 (2013) stipulates that residents must have even minimal health insurance coverage, which may be provided by an employer or sponsor. Eligible residents can apply for insurance until the end of June 2023, after that would costs extra fees.


International expat health insurance

Moving to another country is always exciting, but the rules, which differ from the country of origin, can compromise the experience and create difficulties in times of need. Europe, Asia, the United States or Arab countries? Here is the best solution for those who have chosen to live in a foreign country.

Frontier workers

International border health insurance

Does a career or a better salary require you to cross the line every day? Work is an opportunity. Protect what you do starting with an international health coverage that takes care of your health wherever you are.


Health insurance for mother and newborn

Insurance coverage that guarantees serenity, provides for the reimbursement of expenses incurred for the pregnancy, such as obstetric and morphological ultrasounds, laboratory analyses; genetic investigations such as amniocentesis, villocentesis; childbirth, even at home, pre and post natal care of the newborn.

Digital nomads

Digital nomad international health insurance

If you have chosen as a life project the freedom of being able to work remotely from your computer while traveling the world, then you cannot neglect an equally important aspect, that of protecting your health anywhere in the world and being calm in the face of any emergencies.coverage that takes care of your health wherever you are.


International student health insurance

A solution dedicated to students, scholars and participants in cultural exchanges when they are abroad and with specific health coverage required in the United States. To have the guarantee that no unforeseen events can ruin an experience of great importance.


International health insurance companies

With globalization, many people live and work for shorter or longer periods abroad. We offer them the best health insurance solutions for the workforce of companies, even very small ones: wide-ranging international health policies.

International Health Insurance

An international health insurance is the best tool to protect you in case of illness, request for medical assistance, specialist visit, hospitalization.

If you are looking for efficient and timely medical care anywhere in the world, you are in the right place. The tool for your protection and for ensuring the necessary treatment is called an international health insurance policy.

Let’s get to know its characteristics and values by debunking a preconception: the health policy does not correspond only to the reimbursement of medical expenses! Health coverage includes essential benefits and facilities.

Let’s find out together!

Global Medical Insurance Plan?

Global Medical Insurance Benefits!

Discover the Benefits of International Health Insurance together with our experts.

The main features of the best insurance solutions for international health coverage:

  • duration: we provide temporary (including long-term) or annual health insurance solutions
  • portability depending on the country of destination
  • 24/7 medical support in addition to telemedicine

Our international health coverage guarantees:

  • treatment at any public or private clinic, even if it is not part of the network
  • medical assistance in compliance with local laws, or of the country in which you reside

The best international health insurance is the one that's tailored to you

valid international health insurance does not base its values on the cost of the policy, but rather on the needs of the insured. The international health coverage that we select for our customers to live abroad are distinguished by the versatility of the insurance solutions (it is possible to subscribe to a temporary long-term or annual health insurance) and the variety of individual health insurance plans tailored to the needs of the customer. It is also possible to study international health insurance plans for families or corporate health policies, as in the case of missions and transfers abroad or long-term jobs that include the transfer of an employee or a team of professionals.

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